What Is the Cipher?

The Cipher is intended to be an on-going publication from me looking at emerging trends in DeFi, Fintech and the broader tech ecosystem. I have been spending too much time explaining trends and giving guidance on how to use specific tools on the web to friends and family. This is my attempt at categorising all that information into a single source. You can anticipate links to interesting things I’ve been reading, audio snippets from founders I work with and notes on ecosystems. To that regard, this publication will likely be more personal than professional and likely not be the best place to catch up on juicy rumours and price predictions.

I also believe research has become quite one-sided instead of tapping into the collective intelligence of a community. My goal with setting up the Cipher is to curate a community of like-minded individuals whose collective thought can (hopefully) be better than the biases we work with. To this regard - I assure you this publication will have very few “why x token will moon” or “red meat can get you nirvana” related thought leadership. It will be more of an on-going conversation between me and the few people in my network. Also, no token maximalism. I really don’t care if this thing moons or not. There’s more to life.

Why should you subscribe?

You should subscribe if the following would make sense for you

  • A routine update on what is going on within DeFi (hopefully without all the jargon)

  • Charts and graphs that support the story

  • A curated list of interesting content from the world of startups

  • Notes from founders and VCs from the startup ecosystem

That’s pretty much all I hope to offer. Ideally, this becomes an on-going stream of updates on startups, the stories behind them and why they matter.

Who Is Behind This?

Awkward introduction time.
My name is Joel John. I have been engaged with Outlier Ventures as a research Analyst for the past three years. Past lives include stints in selling sanitary napkins to government schools, mining Bitcoin with an AWS server and convincing regulators about the need to regulate the technology in India. I have been actively seed-stage investing since 2017 in personal capacity.

Here’s how you can get in touch

E-mail : joel@decentralised.co. (Most preferred)
Twitter : @joel_john95
Telegram : @joel_john

I check all of them once a day, so please give me 24 hours to get back.