What Is the Cipher?

Cipher is my attempt at trying to explain blockchains, start-ups and venture capital These are mostly notes written for myself and those like me. There is a gap in storytelling and archiving events as we evolve from the current form of the web. Cipher aims to solve for it. You should follow if you like to hear about startups, crypto-economics and how money is evolving.

Why should you subscribe?

You should subscribe if the following would make sense for you

  • A routine update on what is going on within DeFi (hopefully without all the jargon)

  • Charts and graphs that support the story

  • A curated list of interesting content from the world of startups

  • Notes from founders and VCs from the startup ecosystem

That’s pretty much all I hope to offer. Ideally, this becomes an on-going stream of updates on startups, the stories behind them and why they matter.

Who Is Behind This?

This publication is edited and managed by Joel John. I have been exploring the use of blockchains for financial inclusion since 2013. Yea, back when Mt Gox was still a thing. I have interned with Rebright Partners and GSF Accelerator through university. On graduation, I worked with Tracxn as their blockchain analyst and quit it in a month when I figured I could do the investing myself instead of passing on the analysis to others.

I joined Outlier Ventures in 2017 on their research and strategy side. We scaled from a portfolio of 8 to 30+ startups during my time there. I currently work with LedgerPrime to handle our DeFi investment strategies.

Have also been building a personal portfolio of 14+ investments and actively advising and learning from people much smarter than me. Mostly looking for the exponential curve technology can bring to inefficient processes and the resulting hike in valuations through my investments.

Here’s how you can get in touch

E-mail : joel@decentralised.co. (Most preferred)
Twitter : @joel_john95

I check all of them once a day, so please give me 24 hours to get back.